This is the fourth year in a row that we have earned a position on the Inc. 5000 list. It is an achievement that we could never secure without the amazing and passionate crew of boojers that call this place home, as well as customers that are truly part of our growing family.

The dream of most company owners is to see rapid growth, but many should be careful of what they wish for, as with great growth comes great responsibility. Once you get your wish you may find that growth has created more pitfalls that you have to avoid - leaving you with the feeling of walking a tightrope in very windy conditions.

Two major impact areas of growth for our company have been space and staff.

As our company has grown, it has maxed out our physical space, resulting in tight accommodations for staff and less than ideal configurations for collaboration and workflow. This has led to several tough decisions: Do you break lease early? Do you buy vs. rent? How much is too much expansion space? How much is not enough?

With that said, growth typically leads to more cash flow that can help solve this issue from a global perspective. The real issue, however, comes when considering how you can make an efficient change to your entire infrastructure while your team is the busiest they have ever been.

Staffing and organizational structure are also impacted with a rapidly expanding operation. How do you balance the growing demands on staff and keep morale high? How do you accomplish what needs to be done while you are training new hires and those unfamiliar with your operation?

And most importantly, how do you keep the talent that has led to your success while growing their capabilities to manage a new, expanding world with challenges and opportunities that they have never seen before?

This is the most delicate balancing act of any growing company - keeping production, quality and customer satisfaction at an even keel while managing a changing landscape that affects every level of your business.

We have certainly seen our share of difficulties in our path to celebrating growth. We are very lucky to have patient, understanding and supportive customers that have willed us through any challenges and helped us overcome most hurdles. More than that, our amazing team has put in superhuman efforts in helping us bridge the gap in moments where realistically we needed a team significantly larger than what we had.

We are confident that we have the people, talent and dedication to make sure we come out of this growth spurt with newly defined processes for future success.

Thanks again to all who have made this a reality!