In today’s world, mobile technology plays an integral part in our everyday lives. We check our email while on-the-go, download apps for entertainment and stay connected with others at all hours of the day. For most of us it’s hard to imagine life without it.

With mobile technology so readily available, it has quickly become an important tool for businesses as well. Not only does it allow us to communicate with customers at anytime and at their convenience, but more and more people are accessing websites through mobile devices as well. In fact, in less than 18 months, we’ve seen mobile traffic across our real estate clients' sites increase from 10% to 25% -- and this trend will only continue to grow over the next few years. 

To ensure our clients remain competitive in the mobile market, booj’s in-house Mobile Department recently released apps for both the Android and iOS markets. While our apps are compatible across all devices, the battle between Android and iPhone users continues...what side are you on? 

Check out our video and watch our mobile team duel it out.