The death-defying acrobatics of trapeze artists are entertaining not only because of the stunts, but by the comfortable ease with which they are executed—all despite the obvious risk of falling to a tragic death. Of course, we know the danger is an illusion: no trapeze artist performs without the added protection of a safety net.

Similarly, developers make huge leaps in logic and back-flip through code in ways that can be baffling to the uninitiated. Every code update has the potential to end in metaphorical tragedy. Luckily, the developer has a safety net of his own: Quality Assurance. When the developer misses the target, QA is there to prevent a disaster. 

Too often, however, developers do not treat QA as a safety net, but rather a filter. There is a noted tendency among developers to "send it all through and see what comes back." I acknowledge that when deadlines are looming, there is pressure to work quickly, but what if a trapeze artist performed with similar recklessness?

Slow down. Stay focused. Check your plan, then re-check it. Test the thing you made. No one is impressed by a trapeze artist who falls in the safety net during every routine.