If you're like me and you just stepped into your first iPhone, you know how exciting new apps can be. Especially when it feels like a lifetime since your phone worked properly… die Android!

To start your weekend off right, check out what happened this week in the app world.

Your Friends Are Now Comic Strips

Bitstrips have been all over my Facebook newsfeed this week! After just launching its mobile app, it’s been changing the face of social media with personalized comic-strips. My friends are now turning themselves into avatars and creating their own cartoon world. It's not flashy or high-tech, but it’s incredibly addicting.

Vine is Really Dominating

According to GlobalWebIndex, Vine is the fastest growing app of the year, with more than 40 million users. Vine is said to have grown by 403% between Q1 and Q3 of this year... winning by a landslide.

There are a lot of creative Viners out there who create really impressive 6 second videos. My personal favorite is this guy. But seriously, why is everyone afraid of love?

Instagram to Launch for Windows Phone, Yay! ...and they give us ads in our feed

Instagram CEO Kevin Systrom confirmed the app will be available for Windows phones in the coming weeks. This is fantastic news for the person I know with a Windows phone… I do only know one person. But Instagram is a big deal for Microsoft. They’ve been trying to convince Instagram to support their system for months!  

“It's only one app, but it opens up Microsoft's mobile operating system to a community that has largely stayed clear of the platform because of the lack of instagram support.”  -Tom Warren, The Verge

Additionally, Instagram let us know what their new ads will look like in our feed. They’re easing us into this adjustment, but it still hurts a little…

Seene Is Turning Our Images into 3D Masterpieces

That is, if you can get past the learning curve. Seene.co is a photo sharing app similar to Instagram, but it takes photos in 3D. I think the idea is amazing, however I can’t seem to get them to turn out that great… The video makes it look so easy! Either way, worth checking out.

A Hackathon with $1 Million Dollar Prize?!

Salesforce.com is giving away a million dollars to inspire developers to build the next generation of mobile apps. Dreamforce is hosted on November 18-21, 2013, and it will bring together developers, designers and entrepreneurs to compete for the best app on the Salesforce platform.


image sources: Mashable, Dreamforce