Hey, wouldn’t it be great if…

That is the notion that starts most great inventions. In the early 1900s, the work of paper and pencil was transformed into metal, wood and many moving parts that combined into something new and imaginative.

Now as we progress into the 2000s, the new drafting table is the keyboard. Typing lines of code to form the tool that creates the object, the app…the next big thing.

Recently, Code.org released a video – What 90% of Schools Don’t Teach – that brought into shocking view how inept our education system is for preparing us for the current and next generation of jobs. No longer are we talking about decades to see major shifts in job creation, we are talking just years.

As the video points out, practically everything we do today is driven by technology that is driven by coding. Yet as this follow up article from the Huffington Post points out, our school systems are woefully unprepared for creating the necessary workforce, not for tomorrow, but for today.

And when you look at the benefits of learning to code, a concept that is no different than learning the alphabet and putting letters together to form words, it is certainly a mystery why our educational system is so slow to change.

Coding a computer to do something is problem solving at its most basic level. Learning to speak clearly, in the right order, to get from point A to point B. Basic skills that will serve anyone in today’s society, much like learning to read and write.

As someone who has straddled the computer revolution and taught myself BASIC when we got our first home computer in 1983, it is amazing to me how far technology has come in such a short amount of time, yet how little we spend as a nation and economy and teaching the new basics.  It is also amazing that many people who depend on computers for their livelihood have very little understanding of how they work.

As the Huffington Post article states, there are 1.4 million computer jobs and yet only 400,000 computer science students.

When you watch the 90% Video, you can see that each featured entrepreneur followed their passion to a very different outcome – all through learning to code. What a wonderful message to send to our current students and future students as they look at potential careers and areas of interest.

I am happy to report that my son is taking programming as a freshman in high school…grateful that we are in the 10%.

I am certainly going to encourage him to stick with it. Because the goal of every parent is to see their kids follow their passion. Well, that and to be able to get a job. Two birds. One stone. All in all, a perfect solution.


by Carolyn Blanco-Losada | Carolyn is the Director of Marketing and New Media for McEnearney Associates, Inc., and has over 20 years of experience integrating marketing with the latest technologies for various associations and private companies throughout the Washington, DC area. Since 1999, she’s been on the forefront of the digital revolution within the Real Estate Industry and has utilized her expertise by migrating print production, online advertising and new media applications into agents’ business development and property marketing plans. Most recently, Carolyn developed a comprehensive technology education program to help agents bridge the digital divide, improving their understanding and adoption of new tools.

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