The second installment of our Department Video Series goes to our Project Management Department. Like all the departments, it was hard at first to find a controlling idea that really said something about the culture of the department. 

I suggested doing a promo for a fake reality TV series called “Project Management” and the team loved it. We talked it over for a few weeks and wrote emails back and forth with ideas, shots and dialog. I wanted to approach it organically, to give the illusion of having a season’s worth of footage to use. So, over the course of a few days (to avoid wardrobe changes) we shot bits and pieces – some staged, some candid – and tried to nail the tone with all the proper dramatic beats specific to the genre. 

I edited as we shot, sharing the process with the PMs. This process dictated what was missing and what could be added, so we shot more and cut more. After a few days the video and the voice-over began to take shape (performed by our own Tom Johnell of the WM Department). 

Everyone on camera was fantastic (as you will see), and their input into the production was critical. It was really fun to make something outside my normal way of shooting and I’m particularly happy with how this one came out.

Anyway, now it’s time to see what happens when our project managers stop acting real, and start acting like they’re on Reality TV…