The New Year is always an exciting time of year. We seize the opportunity to re-prioritize our objectives, set goals for the year, and start fresh with renewed energy and a clear focus.

Reflecting on 2013, it was a particularly exciting year for boojers. We had a successful year in terms of client and employee growth, technology releases and streamlining our internal processes, but much more than any previous year, we focused a lot of our attention on our company culture. We rebranded our company in February which included a new name, a company-focused site, as well as a separate site dedicated solely to our employees. While this was a significant undertaking, we knew it was needed in order to better reflect our lifestyle.

This time of year is filled with new resolutions. Ours is to continue establishing and reinforcing our company culture. We feel our culture is special and we want to make sure we can sustain it as we grow. Therefore, in addition to rebranding our company, we spent time establishing formal guidelines that reflect our core values and our commitment to staying true to who we are.

Company culture is an interesting thing. Whether you acknowledge it or not, culture exists; and nothing builds barriers to success more than a company that doesn’t know what they stand for. By defining our culture, we can now work together to maintain it.

Going into this, we knew that some may define culture as the things we offer -- such as a game room, company outings, or a dog friendly environment. While these things are all great and help create a fun workplace, culture is not about the perks. Instead, culture is a reflection of how we work together, how we problem solve, and how the end product is executed as a result.

An article circulated around our company earlier this year that really drives this point home (we encourage you all to read it). It said:

“Culture is how people decide what to do in the absence of explicit instruction”.

Culture is the responsibility of the employees, whether you’ve been with us five years or five days. It’s not just the partners, managers or the marketing team (which we often look to as the cheerleaders of our company). All employees play a very crucial role in the success of a great workplace.

Every day we communicate with clients and make decisions on behalf of our company. It’s up to us to ensure that everyone understands our approach and can make decisions in the best interest of the company (without always needing consultation) because they refer back to strong cultural standards instilled in each of us from the very beginning.

We set out with the goal of establishing internal standards for how we approach our clients, our fellow employees and our work. What we came up with not only reflects our culture, but also embraces our shared passion for our industry and our brand. So without further adieu, here are booj’s guiding principles that outline our core values, our purpose and how we identify ourselves as a company.

our guiding principles

At booj, originality will always be at our core. We’ve learned the only way to achieve originality is to be T.R.U.E. to our mission, goals and values. By being T.R.U.E. we maintain authenticity and sincerity in our products and our actions. Most importantly we are T.R.U.E. to ourselves, even if it’s a little quirky or unconventional.

Thoughtful: We put people first, whether it’s in the design of our products or our interactions with each other, our customers and the greater community. We are respectful of the thoughts and opinions of others, and will not resort to personal attacks, gossip, negativity or insults as this becomes toxic to our culture.

By respecting others, we’re able to maintain a friendly, relaxed work environment where all employees feel valued and respected. We celebrate each other’s achievements, encourage one another and are always willing to lend a helping hand.

Responsive: Not to be confused with reactive, we are responsive in our actions by adapting quickly and positively to industry changes, client requests, company initiatives, etc. By being flexible within our roles, we are always willing to assist our clients and fellow employees when needed, even if the task falls outside the scope of our primary position. We are receptive to one another’s ideas and are open to suggestions and constructive feedback.

Up-Front: We are open and honest with one another as well as our customers and the general public. We are not afraid to discuss difficult topics. Instead, we stay true to our word by being straightforward about our limitations, intentions and products. We take responsibility for our actions by admitting when we make mistakes and will do what we can to rectify the situation and find the best resolutions. Our goal is to maintain open communication that allows employees to speak freely and hold others accountable to these company standards.

Exceptional: We don’t just follow the standard, we set the standard. And if it’s not exceptional, we’re doing something wrong. We utilize our strengths and constantly work to improve our skills and industry knowledge to create a product of the utmost quality. We never sacrifice quality or create sub-par products. Furthermore, we deliver exceptional customer service by being generous in our actions and our time in order to exceed our customers expectations every time.

This is much more than a new year’s resolution. It’s a way of life for us. You can expect that we’ll uphold to these ideals and hold one another accountable. This will be the basis for judging ourselves, our work and our purpose to ensure we continue on the right path of serving our clients and employees this year and every year.

While we take these guidelines very seriously, we try not to take ourselves too seriously so we leave you with this video that helps define what T.R.U.E. means...sort of.