Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, so if you’re looking for last minute gift ideas for the geek in your life, you’ve come to the right place. (Let’s be honest, these are great gifts for yourself, too -- and you totally deserve it!).

Don’t fall prey to the cliche Valentine’s Day gifts. If you really want to impress your husband / wife / girlfriend / boyfriend / partner / whoever, check out these awesome wearable technologies that take those typical gift ideas to the next level and prove just how hip you really are.


This piece of technology may be a perfect gift idea for the rock climbing, mountain skiing, park running person in your life. This little wristband makes a big statement. By syncing to your mobile or desktop, you can easily track your everyday activities, calories burned, food intake, weight -- even how long and how well you slept. It also connects you with the Fitbit community for support and encouragement along the way.

And they have a pink one! Perfect for Valentine’s Day.

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Mood Sweater

No longer will you need to try and interpret what “I’m fine” means with this sweater! The GER Mood Sweater reads human emotions (this has the potential to really backfire on us…)! The sweater contains sensors, similar to lie detector technology, that you wear on your hands. The sensors read your excitement levels then translate that into a palette of colored LED lights in the collar of the sweater. Colors and emotions include: teal (tranquil, zen), blue (calm, relaxed), purple (ruffled, aroused, excited), red (nervous, in love), and yellow (nirvana, ecstatic, blissful).

Make sure the person you give this to tries it on so you can see if they really like the gift based on their mood! Sensoree is taking pre-orders now, so hurry and sign up!

Pre-order it here.

Electric Guitar Shirt

If sweaters aren’t your thing, this interactive guitar shirt is a great alternative. With an electric guitar built into the shirt, you can play your favorite songs anytime, anywhere. Need an amp? No worries, mini amp clips are included, so attach those to your belt and get loud!

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USB Cufflinks

Never be without functional fashion again. These stylish cufflinks come with built-in, 2GB flash drives. If you want to step up your game this Valentine’s Day, you can include a custom engraving for an additional $8. Or, if your Valentine’s Day is taking a bad turn, you can channel your inner James Bond and use them to get blackmail off your girlfriend’s computer.

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Pebble Watch

Last, but certainly not least….the Pebble watch. This hardly needs an explanation, but for those of you not privy to this amazing piece of wearable technology, it’s a watch that syncs to your phone via bluetooth. Have a meeting in 10 minutes? The watch sends push notifications so you’ll never be late again. It’s also highly customizable, so if you need to be alerted when you get a Facebook message or you want to control the music while driving, this watch can do just that. As an added bonus, if you’re on a date and want to check the score of the game, it’s much more subtle than checking your phone.

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Wearable technology is the latest and greatest fashion trend, and these are just a few of the items available today. What is on your “Must Have” list? We’d love to hear from you!