This year is passing by so fast it is quite unreal. Having just won our 5th year placement on the Inc. 5000 list, I enjoy these moments when I can stop and take a second to reflect on all that we have accomplished.

Work Hard

Our team worked hard, challenged themselves and pushed the boundaries in order to complete a multitude of projects that have come our way this year. In short, we...

...took four new Enterprise Network members live on our real estate platform and are in the midst of another three go-lives.

...completely redesigned four fully responsive sites for existing members and are set to complete another four by year’s end.

...expanded our focus of mobile apps to include agent tools as well as new technology like iBeacon which we will be releasing soon.

...diversified the offerings of our Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system and back office tools for our real estate enterprise network significantly.

...enhanced our Waste Management platform.

And all this while moving to our very own, new booj campus.

Expand Fast

All the late nights and weekends combined could not achieve the given workload, even with the significant and talented team we had coming into this year. As a result, we had to hire fast, train effectively and work super hard.

We ended up hiring a whopping 23 boojers in the last eight months. That averages one new employee every week and a half. While that is not huge for many companies, for us it represented a 25% increase in workforce.

Being prepared for fast growth is very tricky as a small company. If you don’t have the deep pockets or the reliable crystal ball to hire ahead of the growth, it’s quite the balancing act to onboard new talent successfully while keeping up with the day-to-day commitments to clients who helped you get so far in the first place.

I am happy to say that all boojers, new and old, exceeded expectations and helped us achieve the unachievable.

Focus on Culture

We have a very unique culture at booj. It is certainly not your average workplace (for many reasons) … and we LOVE it that way! We strive to find the perfect balance between providing the most fun and most productive environment. We want each boojer to thoroughly enjoy their time with us, but at the same time produce bigger and better by working smarter.

This also adds more to the balancing act as onboarding at such a fast pace changes the dynamics quickly and challenges our culture. I am proud to say that our team has welcomed each addition with open arms and has provided the support for these talented individuals to soar in our unique environment.


With as much as it has been a challenging year, it has also been a very rewarding one. We now have a place to call our own which we have more or less settled into. We welcomed some great new members into the family, expanding the size and increasing the exclusivity of our network.

We’ve also been recognized for multiple achievements:

  • Top Work Places
    The Denver Post presented us with a “Top Work Places” award that is given to companies based employee ratings.

  • Built in Colorado
    Built in Colorado reached out to us to do a write-up about our mission and philosophies.   

    Colorado Companies to Watch recognized us for helping fuel the Colorado economic fire. Our very own, John Sable had lunch with Governor Hickenlooper as a result, trying to twist his arm into better funding programs for technology companies as well as subsidized courses in coding for the public.

  • Inc. 5000
    At the end of last week we received the great news that we made it into the Inc. 5000 list for the fifth year straight! The five-time honoree is a unique award that Inc. gives out and is often reserved for very few companies, putting our name up there with some of the biggest.

We are truly proud of all these awards. It is often the much needed inspiration that helps fuel the day-to-day in the trenches as we strive to make a big difference in our industry.   

Remain Committed 

Typically with such success you would want to carry on repeating what has worked so far and raising your goals continually. At some point it becomes unsustainable, so we are mindful of this approach.

Our mission for 2015 is to stabilize, innovate and continue focusing heavily on the members that got us to where we are today. Our goal is to deliver more value to our current members and our boojers.

A HUGE shout out for each and every boojer and client who supported us through the madness of the last few years. We could not have done it without you.

Here’s to a great and productive future.