While I know it's the first part of March and releasing a calendar at this time is somewhat odd, the ladies at booj wanted to put something extra special together for our launch party tonight. And let's be honest, we know you're desparately looking for an excuse to get rid of that ridiculous cat calendar in your office, right? We've heard your cries.

"In an industry saturated with men, the booj babes are the few, the strong and the proud that hold the ship together."


The booj babe calendar is not just an ordinary calendar, and it's definately not another sexy-girl-on-gun calendar (so overdone, amirite?!). We're smart, tech savvy girls with an extremely dorky side. From Star Wars to Magic the Gathering cards, we've pretty much covered all our nerd interests in this calendar.

It was a lot of work, from putting costumes together, to editing photos, so please, let us know what you think! And, if you have any nerd ideas for our next one, please share that as well.