The moment we have all been anticipating is finally here: went live today!!!  This site is an extension of, but focuses on what makes booj so special: the employees, a.k.a. boojers. The idea of this site was sparked during the first ever booj games and is entirely run by boojers. On this new site you can get to know the boojers and see what we’re really like both at work and outside of work.

booj is really a great place to work and some proclaim it as “the promised land of jobs,” but sometimes it’s hard for people on the outside to truly understand how great our company culture is. Through our photo gallery you can now see our company culture in action. Browse through photos of our annual retreat or see how we celebrate birthdays.

We also have a watercooler section, which acts as our company “tumblr”. Here you can stay in the know with all topics that are on the top of our minds. We’ll post our latest clients, funny memes, highly shared or liked social posts, pictures and much more!

So go take a look around and let us know what you think!