Several boojers and booj hounds joined the Denver community and participated in the annual Furry Scurry on May 6th alongside 10,000 people and 5,000 pets.

The Furry Scurry is an event in Denver organized by the Dumb Friends League that helps raise money for homeless pets. The event helps raise money to allow the Dumb Friends League to change the lives of homeless pets by finding them homes and providing foster care, behavior training, and spay and neuter services.

With over 100 vendors at the Furry Scurry, it was the place to be for both people and their dogs alike. The booj hounds were able to take a refresher from the 2 mile walk by enjoying a Pawbender; a tasty treat consisting of vanilla custard, dog biscuits and peanut butter all mixed together.

Although the Furry Scurry will help save many homeless pets, I think it is safe to say that they save our lives in return. Owning a pet provides many health benefits to our lives. Having a pet decreases stress and anxiety. They also help promote exercise and improve social interaction. 

At the booj office our mission is to stay TRUE to one another. This means being thoughtful, responsive, upfront and exceptional. Our booj hounds do a great job of following our mission statement by greeting us every day, reminding us to go outside to take a break, and providing endless entertainment. We love that the booj office is so dog friendly!

This raises the question, who rescued who? 

Thanks to all our boojers who participated this year! As you can see, everyone had a great time.