It’s not often that I rush out of bed on a Sunday morning to read the paper. Although I love the nostalgic feeling of spending my morning drinking coffee on the patio with the Sunday newspaper, that doesn't often happen. Most of the time I read the headlines on my phone while trying to will myself out of bed to turn the coffee pot on.

This past Sunday was different. I went to the store and purchased a few copies because I was so excited to see the announcement that booj was given a Top Workplaces award by The Denver Post

The Top Workplaces program aims to identify the state's top employers. Any Colorado company — private, public, nonprofit or government — with 50 or more employees is eligible to participate. Thousands of companies were nominated, but it was up to the employees at these companies to determine if they were truly a top workplace.

Employees were asked to take a survey and rate their employer on the following critiera:

  • Job has met or exceeded expectations
  • New ideas are encouraged at the company
  • Confidence about personal future at the company
  • Work genuinely appreciated by company
  • Company operates by strong values and ethics
  • Company allows flexibility to balance work and professional life
  • Job is meaningful, fulfilling 
  • Manager helps learn and grow
  • Company is going in the right direction
  • And more!

We are honored and humbled to receive this award, but it’s really our amazing boojers that earned us this recognition. While booj has done a wonderful job establishing a great work environment (especially recently as we just moved into our own building and are working to make the space our home away from home), our employees are the ones who created this culture that others want to be a part of.

The name booj in itself defines our culture. It stands for “Be Original Or Jealous” and describes the lifestyle that is our company. Our culture is also defined by how we approach our clients, fellow boojers and our work, and we’ve made a significant investment in our culture to make sure we continue to grow in the right direction.

We treat everyone like family and strive to create a workplace that is inclusive and allows each boojer to shine. Individuality is encouraged, out-of-the-box thinking is required, and passion is neccessary to be a boojer. Without these traits and the dedication of the entire team, we would not be the company we are today. The perks we offer — such as our game room, regular company sponsored outings, and more dogs in the office than you can count — are really just the icing on the cake.

In true booj fashion, we celebrated this achievement with a company-wide meeting and champagne toast. Here are a few photos from the celebration that highlight some of the lovely faces driving the culture behind booj. The images speak for themselves.

This award reaffirms we're on the right path. As we continue to grow we know we will face new challenges, but we're excited for the greater impact we can make on raising the standards in our industry.

Congrats again to booj and all the boojers for being recognized as a top workplace. I’ve known this little secret for a while, and I’m happy to see everyone else does now, too. Cheers!