Every year, we host a company-wide meeting in beautiful Breckenridge, CO to discuss our accomplishments from the past year and share plans for the year ahead. It also serves as a reward to all our employees for their hard work and dedication to the booj family.

As with every year, we hosted a team building event (“Booj Games”) – but this year we upped the stakes a bit. Prior to the event, all employees were placed into smaller teams and asked to complete a project to share at the meeting. With only a month to complete the project (outside regular office hours), we were amazed by the end results.

Projects focused on an array of themes including recruiting, marketing, new functionality and training – just to name a few. Each team project was graded on the following criteria:

  • Creativity – The more unique and creative, the higher the score
  • Longevity – The longer the perceived lifetime, the higher the score
  • Impact – The more impactful the action or message in your project, the higher the score
  • Usability – The more usable the project is, the higher the score
  • Contribution – The more equal the contribution from each member, the higher the score

All teams came up with great projects that can and will be used in the future, but we wanted to share the inside scoop on our first place winners -- Team 2booj4u! 

By the way, did we mention the they won a trip to VEGAS!? 

First Place Winners: 2booj4u
As the 2booj4u team was contemplating a project for the games, they wanted to help contribute to the evolution from @ctive to booj. They also wanted to bring the members of our growing company closer to each other and be able to show to the rest of the world who we are.

To that end, they created a beautiful, simple site that explains who we are through the very trendy medium of photography. It is an interactive site that allows the people of booj to introduce themselves while showcasing the culture, essence and potential of everything that makes up our wonderful company. The site comes with an accompanying app that allows boojers to take images on the go and directly upload them to the site.

Their hope is for this site to be used internally to build team morale and externally to further identify our new brand. More information to come with the launch of boojers.com!

header image courtesy of beaverrun.com