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Katelyn is the Inbound Marketing Lead at booj and enjoys talking content strategy, blogging, social media and other SEO related topics that confuse her friends and family. She heads up the "SEO Juice" series for booj's Enterprise Network and creates videos and whitepapers for real estate specific strategies. Her "offline" passions include cheese making, wine making, bread making, beer brewing and crafting for her blog, Ninth & Bird.

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5 fantastic blog designs Design

5 fantastic blog designs

February 13th, 2014 // by + Katelyn Wheaton

The internet is pretty much good for two things: sharing and educating yourself. If we want to become more informed, we go online. And people LOVE sharing - man, do they love sharing. (Sometimes too m...

february desktop background! Watercooler

february desktop background!

February 4th, 2014 // by + Katelyn Wheaton

It all started when their noses touched while drinking from the same water bowl... Galen and Brooklyn fell in love at booj. While rumors have been spreading for awhile, they said they are proud to mak...

building community and conversations SEO

building community and conversations

November 12th, 2013 // by + Katelyn Wheaton

When I begin working at booj I was just an SEO. At that point, an SEO was just an SEO. Now we have to be much more than that. We’re made of creatives, marketers, content strategists and data sci...

this week on the internets Watercooler

this week on the internets

November 9th, 2013 // by + Katelyn Wheaton

We hope you’re having a fantastic weekend! Here are a few things you may have missed this week: Google+ Expands Custom URLs for People and Pages Well, this is exciting news! I can’t ...