Katelyn Shields

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Katelyn is the SEO Director at booj and enjoys talking content strategy, blogging, social media and other SEO related topics. She is also the co-manager of booj Digital, a service offered to clients that includes community-focused blog content and social media management. Her "offline" passions include cheese making, wine making, bread making, beer brewing and crafting.

My Previous Posts

true life: I made viral content Marketing

true life: I made viral content

January 15th, 2013 // by + Katelyn Shields

After this year’s Enterprise Network Annual Conference, where I spoke about “Building and Operating a Content Marketing Machine,” I was able to see firsthand the power that producing...

booj heads to breckenridge Lifestyle

booj heads to breckenridge

December 14th, 2012 // by + Katelyn Shields

Every year, we host a company-wide meeting in beautiful Breckenridge, CO to discuss our accomplishments from the past year and share plans for the year ahead. It also serves as a reward to all our emp...