The internet is pretty much good for two things: sharing and educating yourself. If we want to become more informed, we go online. And people LOVE sharing - man, do they love sharing. (Sometimes too much, amirite?) Knowing what we know about the online world and how people spend their time, we created blogs to provide an outlet to share our opinions and talk about our passions, products and services.

In the modern content marketing world, blogs have become the blending point of a brand strategy and a content strategy. The goals of the brand are implemented into the design, and the goals of the content reflect the brand. This is where a company can truly show the personality behind their logo and their unique voice in the industry.

Essentially, this is where the music happens - on a blog! (but hopefully not where the music is literally playing. No one appreciates that...) For this reason, designers can be more creative with a blog.

Which is why I never get tired of seeing new and innovative blog designs. My good friend (and designer-extraordinaire), Kay Dobesh, loves sending me blog inspiration when she stumbles across something cool. Since I often work with our in-house designers to push our Enterprise Network blogs forward, I’m very grateful for her inspiration!

I’ve compiled a list of some great blog designs for your own inspiration. Run though them and see what you think!


The Industry blog has large photos, combined with plenty of white space, responsive layout (obviously), and parallax scrolling! I love what they've done with the post page. It makes for a great reading experience. I'm also partial to the small circle author photos, it's so Google+. What's not to love!


The cream and white tones are delicious! The unique placement of the category links, the author information and the comment form is fantastic. I'd love to try to incorporate this layout for one of our clients.


This blog is primarily set up to showcase really large images from 15 days in Japan. While this layout wouldn't work for many brands with far different goals, if your content is primarily visual content - this is fantastic. What I really like about this blog is that little red dot in the corner. If you push it a side bar pops out with an archive of other posts.


The DO blog is an inspirational blog with beautiful whitespace and a Pinterst-like layout. The beautiful photography they use really works with the simple, clean layout. It allows the photos to shine! The best part, however, is the post page. The content is laid out like a newspaper, which you just don't see very often. Depending on the content they're sharing, the layout looks different from post to post. (Katelyn is taking notes here, hmm...)


A blog about denim. Interesting idea with a well executed site design. Large photos and a simple navigation. What's really unique about the post page is how there are three options at the top of each post: read it, shop it, share it. How simple is that? Retail stores should take note. =)

Let me know if you've come across other inspirational blog designs lately!