Foosball has always been a part of our culture at booj. It’s a great break from the meticulous tasks that fill our days. A friendly game of foosball is a way to let your mind relax and get out some aggression as you slam the ball across the table.

With all the buzz around March Madness, we decided to put our own spin on it with a friendly competition to see who is really the best at foosball in the office. (There is a lot of talk, but can they walk the walk?)

In the beginning we created a bracket with 16 teams of varying skill levels. Some were noobies who had never played before, while others were skilled veterans who partake in a game of foos on an almost daily basis.

The first round of playoffs took these 16 teams down to eight and provided a ton of entertainment for those in the audience -- especially when noobie Brenden Thornsberry was playing. He left the audience in stitches through the whole two games of playing. Some games were easy wins and didn’t even last 15 minutes, while other more evenly-matched teams took over a half hour and had to go to three games of play.

The second round was when things got serious as our eight teams in competition would be weeded down to four. Team Glowsticks tried numerous intimidation tactics to get team Data Driven to slip up including: sending them a picture of their game faces on Facebook before the match and making a playlist of catchy pop songs (including goat versions) that were sure to annoy their competitors. However, in the end it was not enough to defeat Data Driven.

The four remaining teams all earned their place and had to prove their mad foosball skills for a chance to enter the championship round. However, only two teams can go to the finale and after three weeks of intense competition we now know who they are!

Next Monday, after our company meeting, the championship round will begin. The fittingly named Proteim, comprised of the buff QA duo, Torre Supanich and David Woodruff, will be taking on the Data Driven geniuses of Ido Zucker and Chris Robak. These teams are evenly matched and I’m sure it will be an epic game of foosball that people will talk about for years to come (eh, maybe only a few days).

You won’t want to miss this match and we’ll be live broadcasting it from our booj Google+ page! Be sure to tune in for a behind-the-scenes look, interviews and I’m sure hilarious comments from the audience.

In the meantime to get you pumped, here’s our promo video of the match created by our very own Jeff Payne.